What our customers say...

Many people have been thrilled with our deodorant! Initially, we gave it to some friends to try, then more and more people wanted to use it. In the end, we decided to open our online shop.

Here you can take a look at some customer feedback about Joyfullife Deodorant. If you too would like to write us a testimonial about your experience with the deodorant, we would love to hear from you. Thank you!

I smell great! 🙂

I tested Joyfullife Natural Deodorant Cream for 3 days and I am totally happy. After 4 hours of strenuous housework (vacuuming, mopping, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, etc.) and jogging for one hour, I still had fresh underarms. When my husband came home at 11pm the same day, I asked him to smell me – and he said that I smelled great! I am absolutely thrilled with this deodorant!!! From now on it’s the only one I’ll buy.


Leaves the underarms nice and soft

I ordered Joyfullife Deodorant last week (after seeing it on a FB post) and since then I’ve tried it out and am thrilled! I had already tried many natural deodorants, but had to resort again and again to deodorants with aluminum salts, since these were the only ones that actually worked... Your deodorant makes the underarms nice and soft and eliminates smells – or if any odor does get through, it’s only very subtle and not unpleasant. After a few days, I threw my old deodorant out – and I'm smell-free - thanks to Joyfullife deodorant! Thank you very much!! You have gained a loyal customer, and I hope you will continue to produce the deodorant for a long time! I will definitely recommend it!


Totally astonished

I am so pleased with the Joyfullife Deodorant & quite frankly amazed that even after a long/hot day I do not smell at all, which has always been the case with other aluminum-free deodorants. Thank you! :O)


Can’t recommend it highly enough!

I'm so excited about this great deodorant! It also works during a workout and keeps you fresh the whole day! The scent is also very pleasant and not at all overbearing! Can’t recommend it highly enough!


I was very skeptical

I was very skeptical: I couldn't imagine that it would protect me enough ... but what can I say? I’m thrilled!


I had been looking for alternatives for a long time

I had been looking for alternatives to standard deodorant for a long time. No big brands had convinced me. I’m glad I discovered your product, I am very satisfied!


Apply in the morning and it lasts the whole day

I love Joyfullife Deodorant! Easy to use, odorless and very long-lasting. Apply in the morning and it lasts the whole day. Even after doing sports and dancing in the evening, it keeps its promises. I had tried all kinds of aluminum-free deodorants but to no avail. Many thanks!


Reliable even in the summer

The first aluminum-free natural cosmetic deodorant for me which I can even count on in the summer, and has a pleasant consistency.



I'm glad to have finally found a suitable natural deodorant for me!


As good as conventional deodorants

My wife is really enthusiastic about your deodorant and it’s now the only one she will use: It works as well on her as any other conventional deodorant! 🙂


Very satisfied!

I am pleasantly surprised and very satisfied with the product.
Would happily recommend it.


Exceptionally good!

Exceptionally good deodorant! Nice one! I am a regular customer.


Deodorant cream that works!

It’s great that there is now a deodorant in cream form. It works just as well as a conventional deodorant with aluminum.


We are all excited!

We are all so excited! I’d like to order two more of them.


It works!

It works and keeps to its promises!


Passed the test!

The deodorant definitely passed the test. It really lasts the whole day. Thumbs up for this natural cosmetic product!


Not overbearing

Smells incredibly good of coconut and is not overbearing at the same time. You only have to apply a little and it will last the whole day without you having to reapply. I’ve never been so happy with a natural deodorant!


Works Wonders!

I'd had enough of all these aluminum deodorants, then tried a few without it and they didn’t work for me - but Joyfullife deodorant works wonders, smells good and lasts a long time! Thanks, Joy.


You have conjured up something great ...!

I'm so excited about it! Since I got a sample of this deodorant from a friend I can no longer use other deodorants! You really have conjured up something great!


100% effective

Really great! This is the first time I've found a natural deodorant that's 100% effective. comfortable and leaves no traces!


I am amazed!

I tested the deodorant for two days and I must admit that I'm amazed!


Could it be any better?

This deodorant is a beautiful find! This is the first time I’ve tried a deodorant that’s so effective. It holds well, keeps odors at bay, and leaves no traces. In addition, it is completely natural! Could it be any better?


This deodorant is the bomb!

This deodorant is the bomb! Apart from the fact that I really like coconut, it's really great because it spreads very well, leaves no traces on clothes, doesn't stick, the underarms remain dry from morning until evening and no smell of perspiration ... what else can I say? … thank you so much!!


For sports enthusiasts

Since I practice different sports daily (running, mountain biking, ski mountaineering) I need an effective deodorant that looks after my skin and prevents bad smells during my activities. I am very much into nature so it is important for me to use an environmentally friendly product. I have been using Joyfullife deo for over a year, I love this formula and I can happily recommend it to all sports enthusiasts.



Fantastic product! Finally solved one of life’s many problems!


Better than a chemical one

Finally, I can stop searching for a good deodorant! This one works wonders on me, even better than a chemical one!

Gentle underarm care

Gentle underarm care, ingredients that are gentle on the skin, a discreet and delicate fragrance, an organic and economical deodorant, practical, small and compact, to take with you everywhere!!!


Happy sweaty

I have tried it, my son has tried it and you know what??? IT WORKS - Thank you Joy for this wonderful creation. The sweaty bunch is happy now...


Thanks, Joy!

Thanks, Joy! I have even used it to run marathons and I feel great!


Excellent natural product

Excellent natural product! During breastfeeding, due to hormonal changes, I had to apply it twice a day to achieve the same result. But I much prefer it to using a deodorant with aluminum.


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