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For several years I had been looking for a natural deodorant that’s both effective in hot weather and under stress. I tried many natural deodorants and spent a lot of money trying to find the answer – until the day I made my own deodorant: Joyfullife Natural Deodorant.

Joyfullife Deodorant is as reliable as conventional and synthetic products. It’s used as a cream to nourish and deodorize at the same time.


As sodium bicarbonate creates an alkaline environment on the skin, the bacteria responsible for bad odors cannot proliferate. The lauric acid of coconut oil also blocks the growth of bacteria.

In addition, the deodorant contains a small amount of beeswax which acts as an adherent without clogging the pores. The deodorant won’t come off when you begin to sweat but will stay in place all day.

In the tin, the Joyfullife fragrance-free deodorant does smell of coconut and you might pick up on a few other subtle fragrances, too. However, this smell leaves after application and on your skin, the deodorant smells of … nothing!

This means you could add your own personal perfume if desired.

If you’d like to create your own fragrance, melt the contents of the tin in a saucepan and add your own essential oil or perfume. Please note: Be sure to mix continuously until the cream has completely cooled to prevent the particles of baking soda sinking to the bottom, and to allow all of the ingredients to mix well.

For best results, apply the cream straight after showering. Take a nut-sized amount on your fingertip and massage it into the underarm area.

Then remove the cream from the fingers with a paper towel and wash your hands with soap and warm water.

The deodorant is most effective applied to shaved armpits or on short hairs.

Yes, irritation is a possibility, but fortunately, it’s rare.

If you have sensitive skin or if your skin is already irritated, for example after shaving, you may get a reaction from the sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) contained in the deodorant. This could appear in the form of redness and itching. Sodium bicarbonate is a very alkaline substance and when the skin has microlesions it can get irritated by the PH and result in redness. Nevertheless, sodium bicarbonate is a harmless mineral salt that is even used for cooking. The redness is not dangerous and should fade after a few days. Wait until the skin is completely healed before applying the deodorant again.

Yes, the deodorant has been tested in a laboratory and on a selection of people. Following these tests, the deodorant was officially approved as dermatologically sound. No tests were performed on animals.

A tin (about 50g) should last 2-3 months depending on the frequency of use.

Yes, all our ingredients are organic. The sodium bicarbonate does not exist as an organic product because it is a mineral salt, but we buy it from a supplier who uses ecological packaging.

All antiperspirant deodorants contain aluminum salts. According to the latest findings, aluminum is suspected of causing cancer and Alzheimer’s and being a nerve poison. The risk is higher on shaved underarms because the micro cuts allow the aluminum to penetrate more easily. This is why experts advise drastically limiting your use of these deodorants.

Sweating helps regulate body heat but also detoxifies the body. If too much perspiration is blocked, the body cannot eliminate the toxins properly.

You may have to use a little more, try taking a nut-sized amount.

The deodorant works best if your underarms are clean and shaved, and you apply the deodorant generously throughout the underarm zone, rather than only in the center.

Please note that for somebody who has used deodorants with aluminum for many years, it may take a few months for the body to adapt to a natural deodorant. Underarm pores, which have been blocked and have not been able to detoxify the body properly, may be working extra hard to reject excess toxins.

It’s mainly down to genes and bacterial colonization. However, stress, diet, certain medications, hormones, and personal hygiene are also factors that contribute to a person’s body odor.

Someone who sweats a lot and/or has a strong smell, should shower and change their clothes daily (if possible, wash clothes at 60 °) and remove underarm hair.

Perspiration itself doesn’t have much of a smell; it is mainly water, fat, and proteins. However, with bacteria in the underarm region, the perspiration breaks down causing unpleasant odors. Underarms that are hot and humid are a paradise for bacteria, that’s why if you don’t use deodorant, body odor can get worse throughout the course of the day.

Yes of course! The smell is neutral, so the product is suitable for everyone. However, it is important to shave or cut underarm hair to allow the cream to penetrate the skin properly.

The deodorant works very well as you physically exert yourself. This has been confirmed by many people who take part in intensive sports.

The beeswax allows the deodorant to “lightly stick” and so doesn’t come off as you perspire (it is even slightly hydrophobic and therefore perfect for swimming).

Yes absolutely! During these periods it’s highly recommended to use natural deodorants without pollutants. Another advantage for the baby is that the deodorant is near odorless (apart from a slight smell of coconut) so it will only smell the wonderful scent of its mother.

Yes, some people have stronger responses than others to hormonal changes, but any deodorant is likely to be less effective during these times.

Try applying a larger amount and/or applying twice a day. This should provide the additional protection you need.

Yes, and we regularly receive positive feedback.

It’s important to raise awareness of the dangers of aluminum amongst teenagers, at the time they first become conscious of perspiration/body odor issues.

If used correctly, it does not leave marks. Be careful not to use too much of the product and massage it into the skin so that the deodorant can be absorbed. It’s worth noting, however, that as with all deodorants, garments may become discolored in the underarm area over time. This is not down to the deodorant but perspiration itself.

If you have a discolored garment, put some ox-gall soap or other stain-removing product on the target-area (check the care instructions first) before putting it to the machine.

Since the deodorant is a natural product, the color, odor or consistency may vary slightly from batch to batch or change slightly during the months of storage in the tin.

The black/brown/ red dots come from the arrowroot. As it is a natural product, the amount can vary.

The shelf life of our deodorant has been tested in the laboratory and is at least 3 years. Nevertheless, we decided to limit the expiry date of the product to 2 years because we believe that the freshness of the product contributes to its high quality.

We take a lot of care in limiting the environmental impact of our product. The tin isn’t made in China but is manufactured in Austria.

The tin is made of steel, a material that can be infinitely recycled and without consuming too much energy. Please recycle or think of using our refill option!

The deodorant is a natural product and reacts to the temperature. It is normal for it to be a little softer when it’s hot and a little harder when it’s cold. If necessary, put it on the radiator or in the fridge a little while.

About 50 gr. As the tins are filled manually, this can vary between 48 and 53 gr.

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Joyfullife guarantees optimum quality. However, if you wish to return one or more items, it is possible within 14 days after delivery (date of  shipment being taken as proof). Return costs are at your charge. You can choose between having a refund or exchanging for a new deodorant. We would be interested to know your reasons for return.

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You will receive your Joyfullife Deodorant in approximately 2 to 4 working days after receipt of the order. This estimation is for Switzerland only.

We offer an invoice payment method, to be paid within 30 days of receipt of your order, and using the payment slip within. It is also possible to pay using PayPal.

The shipping costs for one deodorant are:

  • Switzerland: CHF 3 Delivery to Switzerland is free for orders of more than 2 deodrants!
  • Europe: CHF 8
  • World: CHF 12

Please note: orders from abroad must be paid in advance using PayPal and we are not responsible for the loss of the product.

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